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Why Northwest Law Enforcement Academy?

The Northwest Law Enforcement Academy was founded in 2001 by former Winnipeg Police Chief, Herb Stephen.

Established with the aim of providing comprehensive and professional training to aspiring law enforcement officers, the academy has evolved and grown significantly over the years. It is now recognized as a credible resource for individuals seeking a career in Canadian law enforcement, corrections and related fields.

The academy was initially established through a collaboration between current and retired law enforcement professionals and subject matter experts, pooling their expertise and resources to create a comprehensive and practical training curriculum. From its inception, the academy’s primary objective has been to ensure the highest standards of training and prepare individuals for the challenges they may encounter in law enforcement careers.

For over two decades, the academy has continuously adapted its curriculum to keep up with evolving law enforcement practices, technologies, and legal considerations. It offers a diverse range of training programs, including comprehensive courses on investigative techniques, firearms training, Indigenous awareness & sensitivity, crisis management, officer safety, police defensive tactics and more. The instructors at the academy are experienced law enforcement professionals, bringing their real-world knowledge to the classroom.

One of the key reasons why the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy is highly credible is its strong affiliation with Canadian law enforcement agencies. Many of these agencies actively support and endorse the academy, often seeking recruits from its graduates. This connection ensures that the training provided is directly aligned with the practical needs and expectations of law enforcement organizations.

Furthermore, the academy’s commitment to maintaining high standards has earned its accreditation as a post-secondary institute with PVI (Manitoba Private Vocational Institutions Branch) and recognition from relevant authorities and governing bodies. As a result, graduates of the academy receive certifications that are widely respected and recognized within the law enforcement community, not only in Winnipeg but in other Canadian cities and provinces.

Moreover, the academy’s track record of producing successful law enforcement professionals adds to its credibility. Many of its alumni have gone on to serve in various capacities, from police services to government agencies, corrections, and corporate security. Our graduates have consistently displayed competence and professionalism in their roles.

Not every potential applicant becomes a Northwest student. Before acceptance, applicants are screened during an interview process and background check. Once accepted into the program, Northwest students will spend 850 hours learning from professional law enforcement instructors who all have a solid background in police and law enforcement training. Students must adhere to strict rules of conduct, high standards in dress and deportment, and a sound level of physical fitness. In addition to fitness training, health and nutrition coaching, students must log a minimum of 200 hours of physical training on their own while attending the academy.

Northwest Law Enforcement Academy is a highly credible resource for individuals aspiring to enter the field of law enforcement. Its longstanding history, affiliation with local law enforcement agencies, accreditation, and successful track record of producing competent officers all contribute to its reputation as a reputable and trustworthy institution. Graduates can be confident that they have received top-notch training and are well-prepared for a rewarding career in law enforcement.

Who Will You Be Learning From?


Training at Northwest Law Enforcement Academy is delivered by professional instructors who are subject matter authorities and seasoned law enforcement officers with real-world experience. Many of our instructors spent time as police academy instructors during their careers and some are court-declared experts in their areas of specialty. This can’t help but enhance the quality of training and ensures that the curriculum is relevant and up-to-date.

Northwest instructors strive to provide students with a strong and adaptable foundation keeping three basic criteria in mind:

  • To teach you what they wished they knew when they started their own law enforcement careers.
  • To teach concepts and skills that you can apply successfully throughout your future career.
  • To equip you with solid principles that will allow for a smooth transition to the policies and training programs of your future employer; even if they differ from what you learned at the academy.

Additional Credentials Included In Your Training

As a registered post-secondary educational institution in Manitoba, the Academy offers an accelerated one-year program, roughly equivalent to two and a half years of post-secondary education. Students come from across Canada to attend the Northwest Academy for its high standards and documented employment success.

In addition to a “Law, Protection and Safety Diploma,” you will receive additional certifications to bolster your resume for future employment:

  • Canadian Firearms Safety Course
  • Canadian Restricted Weapons Safety Course
  • Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)

NWLEA Increases Your Probability of Success

  • NWLEA students and graduates have access to interview preparation coaches with experience in how to effectively prepare a powerful resume and excel in employment screening/selection interviews.
  • Recruiters from various law enforcement agencies are in close contact with NWLEA. They frequently attend and speak directly to students and stay abreast of class graduations. Many employers give top priority to NWLEA graduates because of our stringent standards and reputation for exemplary student performance.
  • The curriculum at NWLEA prepares you to succeed with knowledge, practical skills, study habits and physical conditioning requirements needed for optimal performance in a subsequent recruit class or employment training programs with your future employers.

Here’s a recent testimonial from one of our many satisfied students:

Northwest Law Enforcement Academy was my third post-secondary experience. It has been like no other. What the Academy has to offer cannot be matched.

I have met peers who have become some of my best friends. Not only that, I got an insight into Instructors’ amazing careers that they have had. I can guarantee you will not find that anywhere else.

I am a visual learner and some of my favorite courses have been Criminal Investigation Procedures, Crime Scenes and Forensics, Situational Analysis, Traffic Investigations and Police Practical Exercises. Those are just a few of the many great courses at the Academy.

I am also Indigenous. The Academy offers an Indigenous Awareness and Sensitivity course that I feel is relevant for those pursuing a career in Law Enforcement.

One of the coolest things at the Academy is the different agencies from all over Canada that visit to recruit, as well as past graduates who stop in to share their success stories in hopes of inspiring those currently enrolled.

If I could say one thing, It would be that the journey will not always be easy, as many things are in life. There will be road bumps along the way. But I promise you will have support from people who only want to see you succeed and who are rooting for you.

With that being said, if you are interested in a career in Security, Corrections and/ or Policing, I strongly encourage you to take that leap. Do not wait. My only regret is I wish I would have done it sooner.

If you have any questions, do not be afraid to reach out and ask. The Academy has an incredible Administration Officer who can help with whatever she can.

You will not be disappointed, thank me later.

C. B.
Class 22 – 66

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