Registration Fees

Tuition, Books, Uniform, Fees

Effective for Classes Commencing after August 1, 2024

Registration Fee$275.00
Government Training Completion Fund$68.59
Text Books, Purchased$487.63
G.S.T. on Text Books$24.38

With 869 instructional hours the Law, Protection and Safety Diploma Program is post-secondary education, and therefore you may qualify for the student loan program.

Students can choose to pay tuition in two, three or nine equal payments during their program studies.

Refund Policy

Private Vocational Institutions Regulation
Regulation 142/2023
Registered September 1, 2023

Section 26 states that a private vocational institution must refund all money received or realized in respect of a student being enrolled in a program of instruction it provides if:

(a) the registration of the registrant to operate the institution is cancelled; or

(b) the institution

(i) ceases to provide instruction in the program while the student is still enrolled, or

(ii) expels the student without cause.

Scholarship Award Program

The Northwest Law Enforcement Academy Scholarship is awarded to secondary school graduates in recognition of their academic and leadership accomplishments and the desire to pursue a career in law enforcement.