Student Loans

The Northwest Law Enforcement Academy diploma program is post-secondary education so you may qualify for a student loan program. NWLEA’s Institution code for student loans is “DPEB.”

Helen Betty Osborne Fund (bursary)

Manitoba Student Loans and Canada Student Loans are interest-free and payment-free while you are in full-time studies. For Canada Student Loans, interest begins to accumulate once you cease to be a full-time student, and the first payment is due six months after your end-of-study date.

The interest-free and payment-free period for Manitoba Student Loans is twelve months from your end-of-study date. To be eligible, you must be a resident of Manitoba on the eligibility date and confirm residency with your lender. The eligibility date is the first day of the seventh month after your end-of-study date.

  • Winnipeg Office: 401 – 1181 Portage Avenue, (204) 945-6321
  • Brandon Office: Room 362, 340 – 9th Street, (204) 726-6592

Manitoba Student Aid Toll-Free (within North America), 1-800-204-1685

The NSLSC is an independent, third-party agency responsible for the disbursement and collection of student loan funding in Canada. Think of the NSLSC as the “banker” of student loans. For full details visit their website at the following link:
Toll-Free (within North America), 1-888-815-4514

An application for financial assistance must be made through your home province. You should apply well in advance of your program start date.