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Envision yourself as a part of our success story! With over 868 graduates who’ve walked through our doors, 527 securing employment after graduation, and 40+ agencies entrusting our skilled professionals, Northwest Law Enforcement Academy is a proven launchpad for your career in law enforcement. Not only that but [Organizations Trained] diverse organizations have chosen us to enhance their teams’ skills.

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When you enroll at Northwest Law Enforcement Academy, you’re not just joining a program – you’re becoming a part of a thriving legacy. Our commitment to excellence and the cultivation of self-discipline through courses and diploma curriculum means you’ll be equipped with the skills, resilience, and confidence needed to succeed in the dynamic world of law enforcement. Join us and add your name to the ranks of graduates who’ve embraced their potential and made a real impact. Your journey to success starts here!

NWLEA Statistics Categories Explained

Graduates: Count of individuals who successfully completed the NWLEA Diploma Program.

Employment: Graduates employed in law enforcement or related roles.

Hiring Agencies: Federal, provincial, municipal, and corporate agencies and organizations that have hired NWLEA graduates.

Clients Trained: In addition to our Law Enforcement Diploma program, NWLEA provides custom and in-service training to active employees, officers and investigators from a wide range of government and corporate agencies and organizations.

Note: Our numbers reflect reported successes that we are aware of, with even more unreported achievements in our fold.

Hiring Agencies:

  • Alberta Government
  • Brandon Police
  • Brinks
  • Calgary Police
  • Canada Border Service
  • Canada Mint-Security
  • Corps of Commissionaires
  • Correctional Services- Ontario
  • Correctional Services- State of Maryland- United States of America
  • Edmonton Police
  • Edmonton Transit Officer
  • Federal Corrections (32+ hires)
  • Health Science Centre- Security
  • Impact Security
  • Lethbridge Police
  • Manitoba Conservation
  • Manitoba First Nations Police
  • Manitoba Government-Protective Service
  • Manitoba Hydro-Security
  • Manitoba Liquor/Lotteries
  • Manitoba Parks
  • Manitoba Provincial Corrections (81+ Hires)
  • Manitoba Sheriff’s Officers (20+ Hires)
  • Medicine Hat Police
  • Military Police
  • Morden Police
  • Motor Carrier Board
  • Nishanawbe Aski Police Service (Ontario)
  • Ontario Provincial Police
  • Paladin Security
  • Prairie By-Law
  • Regina Deputy Sheriff
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (55+ hires)
  • Seven Oaks Hospital- Security
  • Springfield Police
  • St. Boniface Hospital- Security
  • Ste. Anne’s Police
  • TNPS Police Service (Alberta)
  • Treaty Three Police Service (Ontario)
  • Univ. of Manitoba- Security
  • Vancouver Police
  • Winkler Police
  • Winnipeg Airport- Security
  • Winnipeg Police Service (42+ hires)