Northwest Law Enforcement Academy is committed to excellence, giving the student a realistic idea of what to expect in a career in Law Enforcement or in the private sector. The students are held to a higher standard of ethical conduct since day one, due to the fact that the Law Enforcement field requires accountability, responsibility, and integrity. Police officers deal with an uncountable number of situations that will require a strong and firm ethical compass, and where discretion has an important role.

The decision to be enrolled in NWLEA should be taken seriously by the person and evaluated according to his/her character, moral standards, habits, and disposition. It is understandable for a person to feel later that the course is not for him/her and decide to quit, but should be common sense to everyone if the decision is to continue in the course, to be prepared to be mature or reach the level of maturity required by the course and profession.

It is not by chance that NWLEA mimics basic Law Enforcement academy training. The purpose is to challenge the students since the beginning of the course and make them understand that a career in Law Enforcement is not a simple job, but needs to be understood as a calling.

To achieve this goal, the Academy has a whole team of excellent instructors working hard every single day of the course. The students will face different subjects during their time there and learn how to think outside the box, understanding not only how to behave in simple situations where the right decision is clear and obvious, but to take the right decision in a complex situation as well.
The Academy was one of the best places I studied in my life, where I was challenged every day with new subjects to study and think about, a routine of punctuality, and taking care of my uniform and boots. Every single class is different and the schedule is made in a way that makes every week different and exciting. NWLEA is a place where you get what you put in. No one will make you look good but you. There are no shortcuts.

I came to Canada to change my life and I`ve decided to choose a new career. I do not regret a day having enrolled in NWLEA and have started with the right foot in the field. In the Academy, I found the right environment to learn, improve many skills and I could see how important it is to work as a team with my class. In the Academy, I found a mirror of what a police team needs to be, people that I can trust. The instructors are there for you and they will help you to find the right direction to reach your goals. Those are the people that I would want beside me in the field when chaos ensues, but unfortunately, they are retired from the agencies.

The Academy is a place that I will never forget.

E. B.
Class 21-62

Northwest Law Enforcement Academy was my third post secondary experience. It has been like no other. What the Academy has to offer cannot be matched.

I have met peers who have become some of my best friends. Not only that, I got insight into Instructors amazing careers that they have had. I can guarantee you will not find that anywhere else.

I am a visual learner and some of my favorite courses have been Criminal Investigation Procedures, Crime Scenes and Forensics, Situational Analysis, Traffic Investigations and Police Practical Exercises. Those are just a few of the many great courses at the Academy.

I am also Indigenous. The Academy offers an Indigenous Awareness and Sensitivity course that I feel is relevant for those pursuing a career in Law Enforcement.

One of the coolest things at the Academy is the different agencies from all over Canada that visit to recruit, as well as past graduates who stop in to share their success stories in hopes of inspiring those currently enrolled.

If I could say one thing, It would be that the journey will not always be easy, as many things are in life. There will be road bumps along the way. But I promise you will have support from people who only want to see you succeed and who are rooting for you.

With that being said, if you are interested in a career in Security, Corrections and/ or Policing, I strongly encourage you to take that leap. Do not wait. My only regret is I wish I would have done it sooner.

If you have any questions, do not be afraid to reach out and ask. The Academy has an incredible Administration Officer who can help with whatever she can.

You will not be disappointed, thank me later.

C. B.
Class 22 – 66

NWLEA quite literally is a must-have course for anyone that is looking for employment in law enforcement, corrections, or security.

At Northwest Law Enforcement Academy you will receive relevant training in all aspects of law enforcement, from interview preparation to intelligence-based policing and so much more in between.

The instructors at NWLEA want the best for their students and are willing to go the extra mile for each individual in the classroom.

Not only do you receive training in many relevant subjects that law enforcement officers must be proficient in, NWLEA also has recruiters from agencies looking to hire attend the academy and present to the classes looking for students who would fit their organizations.

Prior to attending NWLEA, there is no chance that I would have been hired by an agency. However, after completing the program I am set to start a career with an organization that presented to us in class.

Don’t hesitate to contact the academy if you are interested. They are responsive and will answer all your questions.

Class 22-66

NWLEA, to me, was one of the best decisions I have made. The instructors not only helped me to see my potential but to achieve it as well, starting off into the field of Law Enforcement with my foot in the door.

Instructors at NWLEA are some of, if not, the most highly qualified in their field and specialty, teaching the ins and outs of Law Enforcement and what to expect in this career from their own personal perspectives. They are able to take the learning out of the textbooks, placing you on the spot and successfully creating an environment that is learning by doing and creating. Methods of teaching are out of the box and keep you constantly on your toes.

NWLEA left me interested to continue learning and growing as I work to gain some experience in the field and instructors always encouraged me to do so and to reach a potential I did not previously consider for myself until I had enrolled. I started the program fresh out of High School and I moved from Alberta to enroll. NWLEA gave me encouragement and support every step of the way through the program. Not only the instructors but the classmates as well.

The small class size of NWLEA creates a welcoming community of people that are all interested in similar goals and careers. Friends, community, and trust are built at the academy. The reason behind the trust is the values that are instilled at the academy and integrated into every student beginning on the first day of classes.

Teamwork, communication, integrity, and honesty are imperative to any career, however, they are especially important to a successful career in Law Enforcement. These values are ingrained in the mindset of students throughout many different exercises at the academy. These values and the paramilitary structure that NWLEA promotes will place any person ahead starting into a Law Enforcement career. For myself, learning to always have my uniform pressed and boots shined helped to put extra structure into my daily life. I easily created and stepped into a routine of punctuality, dress and deportment, as well as continued self-improvement through extra learning and regular workouts.

The academy is something that I enjoyed immensely and I will never forget the memories I created there. I look forward to the future in front of me with much thanks to the place that NWLEA set me in.

21 -82

Halton Regional Police Service regarding the hiring of experienced officers:

“Candidates who have completed a program of recruit police training in Canada at Northwest Law Enforcement Academy may be considered for exemption from Basic Constable Training at the Ontario Police College.”

“My time at Northwest Law Enforcement Academy has been a challenging yet extremely rewarding part of my journey towards a career in law enforcement.

The courses that I have taken at the Academy have all been fascinating to me, to the point where studying after school never feels like a chore. All of the instructors have passed down an abundance of knowledge from their careers and have done a phenomenal job at doing their part to shape the next generation of law enforcement officers.

From day one at the Academy, professionalism and discipline, along with many other traits, are stressed to all students. This meant many evenings preparing for the next day by ironing my uniform and shining my boots. While at first this felt like a hassle, quickly it became second nature and a point of pride for me.

Making the decision to attend the Academy is absolutely one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. As the end of my time at the Academy nears, I feel prepared and confident in my abilities in a way that I never imagined was possible. I have been provided with all the necessary tools to become a successful applicant in whichever law enforcement agency I apply to and I couldn’t be more grateful to the Academy for everything that I’ve learned.

B.J. Class 20-60

“My time at Northwest Law Enforcement Academy was unmatched by any educational institution I have ever attended.

As a student, you are held to a higher standard than one may be used to. However, this allows you to hold yourself accountable for your actions and grow professionally. In the short 11 months spent at NWELA, you are opened up to so many exciting opportunities that one may not receive anywhere else. You are exposed to classroom lectures which in turn are used as the foundation of the many practical scenarios used to test your knowledge and skills.

By the end of your time spent at NWLEA you leave knowing that you have received a quality education and you are equipped with the tools necessary to start your journey into a law enforcement occupation.”

Class 19-58

“7 years ago I stared working in security
6 years ago I decided I wanted to continue in to law enforcement
5 years ago I began the Law, Protection and Security program at NorthWest Law Enforcement Academy, which mimics basic law enforcement academy training and provides a more solid understanding of what to expect stepping in to law enforcement
4 years ago I graduated with honours and began working at the University of Manitoba, which has been the closest to law enforcement I think any security job can be 2 years ago I applied for RCMP

Today (December 2, 2019) I got a call from my recruiter. I begin Depot February 17, 2020 with Troop 36, anticipated graduation day of August 17.

My time in security is coming to an end. I have made some awesome friends and learned a lot about myself in the process. I have had many doubts in myself and my decision, and many challenges along the way. There will be many more trials to come and likely more questioning of my sanity, but I am extremely grateful to everyone I’ve met along the way whose encouraged me and helped me become the person I am today. My time in law enforcement now truly begins.

I will get you a picture from when I graduate depot for the wall! And eventually hopefully one with my K9 partner – that is my next goal after depot!”

Class 14-43

“As crass as it may come across there was one particular instructor that was my classes first instructor. The first lesson he had provided us, which I vividly recall, is twofold; 1) Know your S*** and 2) Don’t panic. I cannot echo this enough as it applies to categorically every situation in law enforcement to a degree. Take that lesson to absolute heart as there is no better partner to have as one who is confident and sound in their knowledge of lawful placement as well as search and seizure law. The Academy may be a stepping stone for me however it has led me to my dream career where I have become a go-to resource for many of my squad on criminal law and articulation.

Since the Academy I have served with the CAF as a regular force member across 5 provinces and have now settled into a career with the Edmonton Police Service. started as a patrol constable and progressed to Community Crime Management before deciding to return to patrol duties.

Hope this find you well and if there is anything else that I can do to help, please let me know.”

Alumni Class 10-30

“My experience at NWLEA was amazing. It has provided me with a broad amount of knowledge not only that but the environment along with the high expectations helped me grow both professionally and personally.

Going through various law enforcement processes I felt like I had an advantage going in simply cause of the tremendous support given by the instructors prior. Spending hours with me one on one reviewing my interview skills. The instructors more or less provided all one can provide and it’s left up to the individual to follow through.

Most importantly the instructors provided their unique prospective. Situations they might of done differently throughout their career. Certain situations I find are best learned by personal experience and some are best learned by knowledge and they provided invaluable knowledge that will stick with me throughout my career.

I am confident moving forward knowing NWLEA instructors will be there for guidance should I need it.”

Graduate Class 18-54
Has started Federal Corrections Training to serve as Federal Corrections Officer.

“I was never the type of person to go above and beyond and really apply myself. Honestly, I was afraid to apply myself and stand out, and I most definitely did not like taking orders from anyone.

On my first day at the Northwest Academy, I knew it was all about to change, I just didn’t realize how much was about to change.

Over the course of the 10 month program of constant progression, dedication and learning, I never thought I could look at myself in the mirror and be this proud. From an outcast to a Class Captain and Honors student, I’ve proven now that if I can do it and so can anyone who applies themselves.

This is only the beginning of my career as new hire at Federal Corrections. “

Train today, protect tomorrow!,
Graduate Class 55

“I wanted to thank you for the unforgettable experience at Northwest.

During my short 9 months at the Academy, I obtained so many skills necessary to my career that I can say with confidence that I would have never achieved anywhere else. I now feel more prepared to apply to my desired agencies, and I can’t wait to show them everything that I have learned.

All of the staff has made me feel like family. It is an amazing feeling knowing that even though I have completed the program, I am still welcome to come back to better prepare myself for job interviews and so much more.

Northwest has helped me accomplish so much. At the beginning of the program I was so nervous about finding a job. It turned out that I had such a great job lined up before the program even ended. It has gotten my foot in the door to so many agencies and programs that I didn’t even know were a thing, and now when I am ready to apply to my desired agency, I will be even more prepared.

I received Use of Force training shortly after I completed Northwest at a local Police Station and I couldn’t believe how ahead I felt. Everything that was taught at Northwest was exactly what we were taught at our training. It made it SO easy!

This is only the beginning of an amazing journey and I can’t wait to share the rest of it with you. Thank you to all of NWLEA staff for everything you do to prepare your students.”

Class 18-54

“It is Lisa and I who can’t thank you and all the staff at NWLEA enough for what you’ve done for our son Derek in the past 9 months. I can’t recall a weekend where Derek didn’t call home, we’d chat about his week, and my wife and I would hang up and just go WOW!!! Whether it was classroom instruction, scenario instruction, the law, police ethics, to handcuff techniques and self-defense to the volunteer hours you arranged with the Downtown Watch. An absolutely amazing experience in so many ways!

As you may know, I’m a retired policeman myself so Derek and I can have conversations for hours on the law, police powers of arrest, search and seizure and many other facets of law enforcement. And again, after every conversation I can’t believe how well you’ve prepared him for training; whether it be at the RCMP Academy or any other law enforcement training facility in Canada! The fact that your instructors are mostly retired law enforcement people themselves and not only teach classroom instruction but then re-enforce the course material with real life scenarios from their past is nothing short of amazing!!!

There is no criminal justice course available in Canada as effective as your method of instruction. To think that the only other alternative for Derek was to have a college professor, who has never been a policeman, teach similar courses makes me shutter and again, be so thankful we found your school. It has been the best money we have ever spent for our children’s education and worth every penny.

Please don’t hesitate to give out my name and contact information for a positive referral for your school should a potential student or parent want to ask questions of a parent of a former student.”

Grant & Lisa McCulloch,
Olds, AB

“I enjoyed every single second while I was attending the academy. The instructor’s challenged you and helped you out every single day to better your self. Every instructor is very knowledgeable and they adapted their teaching to make sure every student fully understood all the material. My year at the academy has fully prepared me to take my first step into Law Enforcement.

The experience and expertise I gained at the academy will be useful to me for all my life. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the academy.

I want to thank all the instructors for sharing their knowledge and insight into the LO community. I want to give a special Thanks to Mr. Jewell & Mrs. Johnson who took extra time outside of class to sit down with me and prepared me for my interviews. They, along with ALL the staff at the Academy, helped me to reach my first of many career goals by being accepted into the Winnipeg Cadets.”

Class 53

I am very happy for the support and academic excellence I gained during my studentship in Northwest Law Enforcement Academy. I promise to abide continually in my life time, to the rules, regulations and ethics of the profession. To be accountable for any action I take in the course of my engagement in Law Enforcement.

I promise to be honest, serve with integrity and be trust worthy.

I thank all the Lecturers, most especially, Mr. Victor Popow, who took his time to mentor us on the way to becoming a good law enforcement officer. The well-respected Dean Mr. James Jewell, a honoured friend, Ms. Cindy Johnson, Al Sullivan, Randy Hooker, Ms. Susan Wellman… and so on.

May God Bless you all.
Class 51

My time at NWLEA was extremely enjoyable. I was provided with a wealth of knowledge and it built the foundation I needed in order to pursue a career in law enforcement. The course curriculum covers a wide variety of different aspects related to law enforcement.

The staff members are friendly and shared experiences that only reinforced my desire to become a police officer.

Class 48

My year at NWLEA taught me a lot of skills that have become invaluable to my success, first to being selected as a Juvenile Counsellor for MB Corrections and second to my goal of joining the police force in the near future.

More than the skills though, NWLEA taught me a mentality. The faculty have created a culture that demands the best, and in return inspires and directs you towards your goals. This mentality they gave me will carry me through my career.

I will never slow down again.

Class 49

My time spent at Northwest Law Enforcement Academy was the best decision I could have made for myself as a young adult interested in a career in Law Enforcement.

The unique curriculum paired with the experience of the instructors prepares you for a realistic idea of what to expect from this desired career.

Without my time spent here I can confidently say I would not have been able to secure a Law Enforcement position right out of school.

Thank you to all of the staff who are apart of the NWLEA family.

Class 49

I hope you are well, and I’ll give you a quick summary of the major jobs I’ve had since leaving the college:

University of Alberta Protective Services (Community Peace Officer Level 1)
City of Edmonton Park Rangers Unit (Community Peace Officer Level 1)
Treasury Board Secretariat – I&IT (Ontario) Physical Security Supervisor (Guelph Data Centre)
Brinks Ltd (Armed Driver – Kitchener)
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (Ontario) (Ontario Correctional Officer – Maplehurst Correctional Complex)
The college has prepared me adequately for all of these careers. The fact that contract work is now a wide spread part of our employment landscape students must be prepared to change their goals accordingly and NWLEA has been a flexible education to assist me in doing that.


Rob Hamilton
Alumni, Class 08-25

I got accepted and is in the DEPOT training right now as troop #3.

This is third week, and very busy here. So many things that need us to practice on our own time.

Thanks NorthWest Law enforcement Academy, and with my 5 years hard work, I finally made it here. The academy gave me a lot of knowledge of police world. I couldn’t make it without all of the staff from academy.

Thank you very much again.


Fan Yang

“Candidates who have completed a program of recruit police training in Canada at [snip] Northwest Law Enforcement Academy [snip] may be considered for exemption from Basic Constable Training at the Ontario Police College.”

Hello Ms Wellman, just wanted to let you and the instructors know that I’m currently in training for the new First Nation Safety Officer Program. First day was today and it was all familiar. The training for it is like a refresher from NWLEA. I feel so smart lol!

When the instructor here asked if we knew what “reasonable grounds” is, it was automatically in my head: “a set of facts or circumstances that would cause a reasonable person (that is prudent) to form a belief)” lol!

I’m also gonna be trained for the use of baton and OC spray (refresher again) I am proud to be a graduate from NWLEA! This Safety Officer occupation won’t be my final step, it’s to gain experience to get to my ultimate goal of joining the RCMP. Thank you to all at the Academy

Tonita Stagg

“In December I finished my first semester with really good grades. I had a very heavy course load of 7 classes but I must say the academy prepared me well for this new challenge, here’s why…

I was taught a lot of skills not just by instructors but also my peers when it comes to studying. I also had the discipline and drive that I gained from the academy. I honestly can’t thank each and every one of my instructors for all they taught me, not just in the field but most importantly about myself.

I am currently not working in the law enforcement field as I am a full time legal assistant student, but I do plan on maybe applying with the rcmp for a civilian position. We will see where life takes me!

I hope to stop by and say hi soon to you all on one of my visits, as well speak to the students and tell them how rewarding it is to be part of the NWLEA family.”

Jesslyn Rodriguez

“I believe NWLEA to be essential if you considering a career in law enforcement, the staff, curriculum and environment will prepare you for what is to come next in pursuit of your career.

It will also give a leg up in an already competitive Selection processes to become a police officer.”


“It is great to hear from you and I haven’t forgot about Northwest. Northwest was one of the best things that I went through as it gave me the training and skills needed for my current career as a Correctional Officer for the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services with the State of Maryland right here in the USA. I would love to send you a photo once I get one.

Thank you and keep up the great work!”

Private Zachary Chidlow, 964

“I am currently employed by the CBSA at the Bluewater Bridge in Sarnia, Ontario. Once I receive the picture I will send it to you (probably be a few months as I graduated in November from Rigaud).

I would also appreciate if you could pass on my thanks to all the instructors, as it was there I solidified that this was something that I wanted to do. and gained knowledge that definitely helped me during my training in Rigaud.”

Matthew Ray

“After I had made the decision to follow my dreams later in life at the age of 41, and apply at the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy. I was scared at first until I met everyone and they made me feel welcome and to feel that I belonged there.

Ever since I started classes, every week I become more confident in who I am, my inner strength has surprised me. I have always felt strong and with this course I realized I can be stronger.

This course is not easy, it is a lot of work and you have to be committed. This has been one of my best decisions I have made for myself and my family’s future. Mr. Popow makes you feel like you’re part of the family and that you belong.

Thank you for the opportunity to better myself and follow my dreams, it’s never too late to do what you love. I am living proof that you can do it as long as you work for it, but first you need to try!”

Candace Nolin

“If you desire the best training and hands on practical course in law enforcement, NWLEA is your best bet. During my time, I learned the true meaning of teamwork, dedication and above all discipline. All these and more are guaranteed at NWLEA.”

Michael Shokpeka

“My experience with NWLEA was very life changing. I never saw myself to be where I am today, or even 5 years from now in the future. I have gained/learned a lot and will continue to use my skills from the academy to further my success in life. I have confidence to say, that NWLEA is the greatest decision of my life. Thank you.”

Eduard Eugenio

“I found that that the course was easier than I had anticipated. I learned a lot of really intense material, but, it was always kept fun. I most definitely believe that it has steered me in the direction of my dream of becoming a K9 (officer). I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in working in a law enforcement field. It’s one of a kind!”

Taylor Woodland

“I retired from the Winnipeg Police Training Division in early 2002, equipped with the only transferable skill I wanted to pursue at that stage of my life; teaching the trade of law enforcement.

As my luck would have it, that led me to the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy in early 2003, and what a wonderful 12 year ride it has been. I have appreciated the trust and latitude afforded me over the years as I developed the criminal investigation programming, and if I was able to provide our students at NWest with relevant skills to carry into their own careers then the process was mutually beneficial.

A two-way street.

To the Chief and my staff colleagues, it has been a privilege working with such dedicated professionals. I believe as we have worked hard to provide quality training and perspective for our students, we have also supported and learned from each other.

A two-way street.

And finally, to each and every student in the 40 classes I have had the honour of working with over the years, thank you. As instructors we stand in front and impart what we know to be pertinent information based on our own career experience. We teach, you learn. But that notion does not accurately reflect what is really happening. In reality we learn from you as well, every day. When you engage in the classroom, connect with the subject matter, and display genuine interest – that is our reward. And what a truly rich experience you make it for us.

A two-way street.

To those students who have met career goals, congratulations.

To those still striving to do so, keep working and never give up.

To Class 45 still training at NWest, reach high, and remember to never, ever tune in to NFL football, or play wrestle while doing a stake-out.

Take care.”
Jim Bell, Retired Instructor

I have completed all of my training and am currently in my second week of work. I found I was fully prepared for the application process and the training, having covered almost everything in the Diploma Program already. I would like to thank the Academy once again for helping me get my foot in the door.

Best regards,
Trent Cook
Manitoba Sheriff’s Department
Portage la Prairie

It’s been a while! I hope all is well at Northwest, I saw that Stan (Payne) and Ron (Morier) left recently. I just wanted to update you on where I’m at after graduating.

I’m currently with the RCMP and posted up in Winnipegosis! I’ve worked two night shifts here now. I want to thank everyone at Northwest for all their help while I was there and afterwards! I’ll keep you posted if I have any good stories from out here (and from what I gathered there should be!) [snip]

Best regards,
Cst. Catlin Lang

Thank you! I wouldn’t have had even made it through the application process without the help of your instructors. I’m positive I’ll be incorporating everything I learned here, at (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Depot. Thanks for allowing me to enroll in your academy, and being able to start the next chapter of my life.

Tyler Denchuk

Its been awhile since I’ve updated you on my current career path so here it is. After almost two years as a Constable with the Sainte-Anne Police Department (MB), I decided it was time for a change and to further challenge myself. I decided to apply with the Treaty Three Police Service based out of Kenora, Ontario.

I’m pleased to tell you that I was successful in the application process. On the 17th day of March, 2014 I began my new position as a Constable with the Treaty Three Police Service.

I’m very grateful for all the training and experience I gained at NWLEA and still use those skills to this day. As my career progresses I will continue to update you.

Constable Scott Badiuk #2339
Treaty Three Police Service

I would like to thank North West for everything the school did for me, I found a job after graduating because of the school. I find myself using much of my knowledge I gained from the academy every day at work. When people ask me about my thoughts on the academy I have nothing but great things to say and many great stories to share.

Thank you,
Zachary Ramsey
Class 12-36 Graduate

I just wanted to update Mr. Payne and the Instructors that I am currently in week four of Corrections Training for Manitoba Justice and I will be starting my new position in The Pas, Manitoba in October. I am currently still with Paladin Security as Dispatch until I start my position as a Correctional Officer.

I wanted to thank all the Instructors and yourself for being a big part of me achieving my goal to get into Corrections. The training I received through my time at Northwest really helped out and is helping me out right now while in training! Which I find great. I fully appreciate what Mr Litster, Mr Bell and Mr Payne taught me in each class so once again A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT NORTHWEST LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMY!

Thank you,
Cassie Ann Bradley

Its Tylor Swain (Class 30). I know you guys want to keep tabs on alumnus career progress so I thought I’d send you all a heads up.

I’m departing to Montreal Saturday February 18, 2012 to start training with the military. My basic completion date is May 25 and then off to Borden, Ontario for occupational training at the CF School of Administration and Logistics. Once completed in Borden I will be posted somewhere in Canada.

I’ll send more info as I go but I’m confined to barracks for the first 6 weeks with limited freedom (no internet, email, phone, TV, computers, etc).

Again thanks a million for everything all of you at NWLEA have given me.

Wish me luck 🙂
Private Tylor Swain
(That’s right, I have a title now LOL)

My son Daniel is so very excited about his education at your Academy and in due diligence makes up for it by being very respectful and respecting all your Educators.

He is always coming home and letting me know what he learned in his studies of the day and is very excited to what the rest of his life will bring.

Have a great day!

Lydia Loboda
Training Clerk
Motor Carrier Division
Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation
February 7, 2012

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experienced my time at NWLEA. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and full of experience. I really appreciated how NWLEA stayed in touch with me even after I was done school; that helped me in getting hired with Winkler Police Service. I am now going into my training feeling confident and knowledgeable, thank you NWLEA.”

Phil Letkeman
January 6, 2012

Attached is an email sent to me from my Deputy Chief of Police, Mr. Dan MacLeod. Attached to this email was a formal commendation that has been added to my permanent file. When I received this email the first thing that went through my head was that this commendation is actually not just for me…..but the people who helped me get here. Sir, this commendation should be issued to the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy staff for their hard work and dedication as well.

The attached email accredits every NWLEA instructor that I have had (in my opinion) just a few examples: locating suspects, taking proper identifiers down and remembering them to identify suspects (Mr. Morier), courtroom survival (Mr. Bell), note taking, report writing, police procedures (Mr. Minter), Criminal Law (Mr. Litster), just to name a few.

I would like to thank the Academy staff for what they stand for……and for what they represent. I couldn’t help but remember one of the mission statements of the Academy and that is: “to exceed the expectations of its students.” When I realized that much of my habits, training, and discipline routed from much of the training the academy gave me I realized something. The Academy has exceeded my expectations.

There is something I would like to pass on to the students and let this be clear, I am proud to be a graduate from the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy! I have my partner asking me questions all the time. I have taught him how to take proper notes….he asks me to read over all his reports (especially when charges are laid). He is applying for an internal posting within the service and has an internal interview coming up and guess what he asked me? Hey Kyle can you send me an email so that I can state the definition of “reasonable grounds” and “law” verbatim when asked just like you?

Another thing that I want to make clear is that I am not sending this email to brag or to show off what has been said about me, but I honestly feel humbled every time I read this thing. It reminds me that I have not gotten to this point without guidance.

I hope this is encouraging to you all. Thank you for everything.

Cst. Kyle Grudniski #1329
Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service
Northwest Region
Slate Falls Detachment
December 5, 2011

I just wanted to drop a line to you regarding Cst. Kyle Grudniski. I’ve been working with this young officer for several years now, and over the years, he has repeatedly done excellent work. We have obtained convictions in cases that we normally wouldn’t have done, he has persuaded repeat victims of domestic assault to come forward. He is always in court well in advance and has his cases as organized as he can. The caliber of work this young man is doing is superb.

I have just reviewed another brief – an aggravated assault charge where this officer worked a very long shift. During it, he investigated an aggravated assault, appears to have done an excellent job preserving the scene, did an excellent job seizing evidence, preserving evidence of the assault and properly documenting it, plus persuading a reluctant witness to speak to him, plus getting statements from the relevant witnesses.

I’m sending this email because in eight years of being a Crown, this brief, and the repeated excellent work by this officer, is amongst the very best work I have seen by any police officer.

Please pass this on to him.

Best regards,

Assistant Crown Attorney
Office of the Crown Attorney
Dryden, ON
November 29, 2011

As the school year draws to a close for Lanissa, her dad & I would like to take this opportunity to give you our heartfelt “thanks” for the incredible learning opportunity that this has given her! The instructors & yourself have been A-1 in your teaching abilities and we have definitely noticed this in our daughter! The school is tops & we have been wholeheartedly promoting to other parents/kids whose children have the desire to enter into law enforcement and we cannot thank you enough!

I have always told my kids that you get out of life what you put into it and to leave a lasting impression wherever you go. I hope that she has given back to the instructors & yourself, a lasting impression of what great teaching can do!”

Everett & Wendy Unrau
November 14, 2011

“Attending the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy was one of the greatest experiences of my life. After attending the Academy I studied for another two years in an additional Criminal Justice Program, and I can state that the Academy exceeds current expectations in educating people who wish to become law enforcement officers.

It has helped me obtain positions in professional security and improved my grades with my recent studies. The Academy did not only teach me in academic studies, but in personal and day-to-day life experiences. There is not one instructor at the academy that I did not benefit from and I would strongly encourage anyone considering a career in law enforcement to take the diploma at the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy.”

Besides starting my Bachelor of Professional Arts – Criminal Justice (at Athabasca University), I was very fortunate to be accepted by the Lethbridge Regional Police Service Victim/Witness Services Unit (VSU).

It is because of training that the NWLEA has given me that has enabled me to have an advantage in taking this position. I started training and I am now about to do a massive e-learning internet course containing approx. 40 modules in order to successfully graduate with the VSU.

I greatly anticipate my new position as a great new opportunity for experience, as well as a fantastic volunteer credit on my resume.

Jerad Haggarty
August 31, 2011

Good Morning,

As a proud and single Mother of my son Daniel, who has enrolled in your program this Fall, I wanted to thank everyone, from Mr. Stan Payne to Chief Herb Stephen to Ms. Susan Wellman for treating my son with kindness and respect each and every time he has gone to ask questions or to drop off forms in your office.

After reading all the on-line testimonials of your recent graduates I have come to the conclusion as they all did.

Your Academy not only teaches the tools that you will need to be a police officer/enforcement officer but it teaches the most important qualities in life: respect, human kindness and patience.

These qualities definitely go a long way to support each and every one through their lifespan.

Congratulations to you all!

Lydia Loboda
Training Clerk
Motor Carrier Division
Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation
August 26, 2011

My name is Wendy Unrau. My daughter is Lanissa Unrau who is currently in the Class 11 – 33. Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE “THANK YOU” for the support & training that has been given to Lanissa.

She enjoys the classes tremendously and all the instructors should receive a round of applause for the outstanding information and style of teaching as she is learning so much! I remember after the first week how she phoned me to say that “she was so out of her league” and that “the other kids in her class knew so much more than she did” but now when I listen to her spout off about penal codes, crime scenes, etc. etc., I remind her of this conversation & she just laughs and says that the teachers are the ones that deserve all the praise as they were able to teach her so much and she was able to retain it!

Much kudos for the way the classes & training is ran by yourself and staff! She has always been a great student, knows how to study hard but this has given her a lot of self-esteem & confidence in herself.

She is really enjoying the self-defense & the rest of the crew better watch out when you get to the firearms portion as she holds a silver badge through our local gun club & she can outshoot her father (much to his chagrin.)

Many thanks,
Wendy Unrau
August 5, 2011

“The academy was full of great teachers who pass on their hands-on experience to students in a professional trusting environment.

Whether or not if you attain your goal, you do leave with many powerful life lessons and you truly reap the effort you put in.”

Joel Bisson

“My time at the academy was an awesome experience all around. I learned from the best and developed personality traits that pushed me further in my aspirations.

I was recently accepted as an Auxiliary Constable for Ste. Anne’s Police Dept.

Beyond policing I believe NWLEA has given me much more, I believe the skills I learned through my time there have contributed a great deal to my success in business ownership.”


Tylor Swain
Administrative Director
Cadger Martial Arts Training Academy of Canada

I would like to thank Northwest Law Enforcement Academy for their great program as it has helped me to start my new career with Canada Border Services Agency. [snip]

I am posted at the Port of Emerson, MB, working on the traffic side. [snip]

So far, I am loving the job and looking forward to the many opportunities of working for a Federal Agency.

Just wanted to let yourself and staff know!”

Officer Rossel Lapointe
Canada Border Services Agency

“Just wanted to give you an update.

Just received my badge from the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy on August 5, 2009 and am posted to Canadian Forces Base Moose Jaw, SK and begin general patrols on August 24, 2009. Of the 24 graduates from my course I obtained the highest award for the course, graduating at the top of my class.

I would like to thank Northwest for the education I received. I found the Criminal Code and civilian side of law enforcement much easier with the education received from your course, allowing myself to focus more on the unfamiliar sections of military law.

Thank You, Take Care”

Corporal Shane Gordon Guy Seguin
Canadian Forces Military Police

“I really enjoyed my time at NWLEA. It was here that I got my start in the Law Enforcement field and opened the doors for my career in the RCMP.

The RCMP Training Academy (Depot) is a very challenging learning environment and because of my education at NWLEA I had an easy time adapting to the courses they offer you there. Depot would have been a lot more difficult if I didn’t attend NWLEA.

Out in the field on a daily basis I am utilizing the skills I learned at NWLEA, which I feel makes me a more rounded Police Officer as a result.”

Constable Michael Menard
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Portage La Prairie Detachment, MB

“Northwest Law Enforcement Academy provided me with the tools and confidence I needed to succeed in the law enforcement field.

The top-notch training and instructors Northwest Law Enforcement Academy provides is a level above the other law enforcement programs nationwide.

Anyone looking to succeed in any type of law enforcement job, Northwest Law Enforcement Academy is the right choice for your education needs.”

Constable Mike Rozic
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Customs and Excise) Milton, ON Detachment

“I am currently enjoying my dream career as a Constable with the W.P.S. The year of law enforcement training I received at Northwest prepared me for Police Academy, I had a good understanding of what to expect. The Northwest Instructors, all with law enforcement backgrounds brought a wealth of experience into the classroom from which I have benefited.”

Constable Chris Hebert
Winnipeg Police Service

I have been on [the force] for a year and a half and all the hard work at the Academy paid off.”

The staff at the Academy are great, exactly what a student looking for a career in law enforcement is looking for.”

Constable Jonathon Chabot
Ontario Provincial Police, Nipigon Detachment

“I truly appreciate everything that the Academy has provided for me, I feel that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the assistance and guidance of the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy and its staff. “

Constable Kyle Grudniski
Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service, Slate Falls, ON Detachment

“All the information I’ve been learning through APS is pretty much what we learnt at NWLEA so it is more of a refresher for me. I’m enjoying firearms, Police Defensive (PDT) and Police Driving Unit (PDU) ALOT! and Physical Training (PT) quickly showed me that you’ve never really worked hard enough on a run or competency until you are throwing up. (This was written as a Cadet at RCMP Depot.)”

Constable Carmen Wilson
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, North Battleford, SK Detachment

You interviewed me in Thunder Bay for the NWLEA and I graduated from the program with an Honours Diploma. The Academy was great. I learned so much in such a short period of time. Since then I have obtained my OACP Certificate of Results, and am in the process of applying to Toronto Police Service, and OPP. I have also passed my APCAT and CAAT for Alberta, and am in the process of filling out application forms for Calgary Police Service. The Academy was such a great experience for me. I just wanted to thank you for all your help through my application process with NWLEA, and give you a quick update on how things are going.

Thanks again,
Kyla Sweet

If there any students that wish to speak to me in regards to the OPP or the Cadet program they are more than welcome…as a matter of fact, they can all email me and I can answer any questions…from Why is Mr. Minter so tough? to Why do we learn about cultural diversity?

The same questions I once asked myself…and now as I actually work in the field I realize everything is taught for a reason and it should all be well absorbed. I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for the Academy.

Take care,
Stefanie Tobler
OPP Cadet”

I successfully graduated my Customs training in Rigaud and am now working at the Emerson Land Crossing.

It was definitely a stressful experience, being away from family and friends, knowing that there was a PASS/FAIL component to the training, but the training I received from the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy helped boost my confidence and was a vital factor to my success.

Justin Rivard
Canada Border Services Agency

I can’t believe it, but I passed the RCMP interview !!

I know you’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again… Without the encouragement and support from the Academy, I would not be as far ahead as I am now. I’m so fortunate to have attended the Academy. My experience at NorthWest has played a significant role in fulfilling my dream.

Thanks again,
James Grandy”
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Surrey, BC Detachment

“When I started at the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy, I knew very little about our justice system. With the professional instruction I received over the course of seven months I now feel better prepared in my pursuit of a career in law enforcement.”

“I found the program to be practical, interesting and challenging. Also, the staff at the Academy wants you to excel and take a personal interest in each and every student.”

Jose Coreas

“What I most admired about the instructional staff was their absolute expertise in the subjects they taught and the knowledge passed on through personal job related experiences.”

“I found Mr. Bell as being ‘passionate’, ‘honest’ and ‘organized’.”

Class Debriefing

“Mr. Minter seems to have answers for everything or knows where to get the answers.”

“The employment preparation and job search course is highly important to me and I found it very helpful.”

“I feel I got more than my money’s worth and will recommend the program to others.”

Whitney Jones

“I attended university for 1 1/2 years and enjoyed the Criminology courses I was taking, until a friend referred me to NorthWest Law Enforcement Academy. The Academy’s program is extensive enough to include more hours than a three year university B.A. program.”

“I enjoy the hands-on training offered at the Academy and I feel I am learning the tools that I need to assist me in my goal of becoming a Winnipeg city police officer.”

“The quality of the instructors is ‘top shelf’.”

Vaughn Taylor

“The NorthWest Law Enforcement Academy is very flexible with the financial terms, which helped in making it my choice. The Academy has a screening process that ensures only committed individuals are accepted into the program.”

If there any students that wish to speak to me in regards to the OPP or the Cadet program they are more than welcome…as a matter of fact, they can all email me and I can answer any questions…from Why is Mr. Minter so tough? to Why do we learn about cultural diversity.

“I aspire to get into the Ontario Provincial Police and I believe that the training I receive at the Academy will give me a leg-up. The Academy has an Alumni Association and helps the graduates with the preparation of a resume, interviews and job placement.

Vaughn Taylor