Risk Mitigation & Liability Reduction


Officer/Employee Safety


Risk Mitigation & The Liability Reduction Model

Class Level

  • Employees
  • Owners, Managers and Company Representatives
  • Professional Trainers and Policy Creators


None. The class will be tailored to the level of the attendees.


The Liability Reduction Model is a proactive tool used to anticipate, prevent and prepare for risks and sources of liability in a professional working environment.

The LRM is a generic process intended to reduce the probability of liability (adverse outcomes) in virtually any aspect of a company’s operations. 

It is based on “the four D’s” of liability reduction: Diagnose, Develop, Deliver and Defend policies and training solutions adopted by the company.


Understanding the purpose and function of the Model

Anticipating sources of liability specific to the working environment.

Developing solutions to prevent or mitigate the occurrence of negative outcomes.

The factors that will influence how well or how poorly an employee is likely to perform if they encounter a dangerous, volatile or violent critical incident.

To anticipate and prepare for the personal, legal and administrative consequences that could occur as a result of a critical incident.

To evaluate the merits or flaws in the process and make continuous improvements on an ongoing basis.

How to conduct a “liability adit” to gain a clear understanding of problems that need to be solved BEFORE attempting to design policy or training initiatives.

Course Length

4 to 8 hours

Class Size

20 students (although larger classes can be accommodated)

Delivery Requirements

PowerPoint Setup
Tables/Desks and Chairs