Public Speaking and Effective Presentations for Officers




Public Speaking

Class Level

Any level of experience




Oral communication skills are a fundamental part of law enforcement. Words are the most effective tool that may be employed by an officer and also their most powerful weapon.

Oral communication forms an integral part of an officer’s force options. Even in situations where a physical response may be justified, communication should always be considered or attempted first. Effective communication skills may even negate the necessity for a physical response.

In addition, officers are often called upon to prepare and deliver anything from impromptu talks to planned presentations on specific topics to citizens, community groups, special interest groups, and colleagues.


By the end of the course, each participant will successfully:

  • understand the various types of speeches;
  • deliver five different types of speeches; each one progressively more challenging
  • participate in Constructive Feedback to others and learn from their own feedback
  • know how to properly structure a speech
  • analyze a speech to note pauses, beats, and gestures and will see for themselves how variations in rate, tone, and volume can add interest and emphasis
  • Construct and deliver an effective PowerPoint Presentation

Evaluation: Students will be scored pass/fail on their effort, enthusiasm, and constructive feedback. Students will be recognized for their individual progress, not marked in comparison to other students.

Course Length

12 to 20 hours

Class Size

6 to 18 participants

Delivery Requirements


PowerPoint set up