About Us

The Academy Since 2001

Member – Manitoba Association of Career CollegesNorthWest Law Enforcement Academy was created to fill a very real need for effective training of law enforcement personnel.

Too often the traditional education system offered a scholarly viewpoint where too many instructors had little or no hands-on experience in the field as a law enforcement officer.

The academy has assembled an impressive group of people with a wide variety of expertise, including current and former employees of the following agencies:

  • Winnipeg Police Service
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Canadian Pacific Police
  • Canadian Police College
  • Ontario Provincial Police

Welcome Alumni

Northwest Law Enforcement Academy’s genuine interest in graduates continues after you have graduated. As a graduate of Northwest Law Enforcement Academy, you automatically become a lifetime member of the Alumni Association.

Your Association consists of fellow graduates who believe their educational experience at Northwest is not confined to their time at the Academy but continues throughout their lives.

Alumni can maintain their special ties to the Academy, it’s faculty, and fellow alumni through the association. We want to know and post your successes in the pursuit of your ultimate career goals in law enforcement.

We want to proudly display your photo in uniform along with the growing numbers on our Alumni “Wall of Fame”. Your success is the Academy’s success and serves as both an example and inspiration to others who share similar goals.

For that reason, Northwest Law Enforcement Academy would like to remind our Alumni that in order to reach their goals we provide Interview Preparation Assistance to our graduates. The Interview Preparation Assistance will cover updating your resume, reviewing your application process, and refreshing your interview skills.

It is to your benefit as an Alumni member to keep us up to date on your current address, phone number, and email address whereby we may provide you with Employment Opportunity information.