Dave Brown


  • Firearms safety/training specialist
  • Professional firearms instructor for police, military, and government agencies
  • Subject Matter Expert in the design of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC)
  • Master Instructor – CFSC and CRFSC
  • Firearms/ police vehicles writer – Blue Line Law Enforcement Magazine
  • Published author, with over 70 magazine articles on police weapons and training
  • Former IPSC Black Badge trainer/instructor
  • Master Class competition shooter

Education and Training

  • University degree in Criminology/Sport Psychology/Business Admin
  • Factory-trained Glock Police Pistol Instructor, Glock Armorer – Glock Inc.
  • Tactical First Aid – CTOMS Canada


  • Guest lecturer – University of Manitoba Law School
  • Presenter to National Judicial Institute
  • Presenter to Canadian Association of Journalists
  • Presenter to Standing Committee on National Security – House of Commons, Ottawa
  • Guest appearances on CBC, Discovery Channel, CNN, Vice Media Network


  • Public Speaking
  • Canadian Firearms Safety Course
  • Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course